Snowden Pond at Montpelier is a small community of colonial homes nestled in a rural zone of Prince George’s County, south of Laurel, Maryland. It’s proximity to the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge and Beltsville Agriculture Research Center create the ambience of wooded country space, yet residents enjoy convenient access to three major metropolitan areas.

Dear Friends,

The Comptroller of Maryland has blocked two dozen tax preparers from processing electronic returns and has encouraged us to share this news with our constituents. Please see the Comptroller's press release below for more details before engaging an outside business to help with your returns. Please note when reviewing the Comptroller's list of blocked tax preparers, that there are several that are located in our district.

See the list at

As always, please feel free to contact me anytime you have questions or would like to share your thoughts with me. You can call my office at 301-858-3101 or email me at It remains my privilege to represent you.

Geradine Valnetino-Smith
Delegate, District 23A

Dear Friends at Snowden Pond,

I sent this message by email to our representative, Delegate Geraldine Valentino-Smith:

Dear Delegate Valentino-Smith,

As a longtime resident of Prince George’s County, and former president and treasurer of Snowden Pond HOA, I would like to ask the Maryland State legislature to approve HB765, which requires any private company that is promoting, purchasing, or constructing any projects in the state to front bonds which can be used to reconstruct neighborhoods should the company file bankruptcy and abandon their project(s).

Furthermore, I would ask that my comments be included to address any bills that concern transportation in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our county is already burdened by excessive traffic issues and all state funds considered for any railway or other projects should provide equivalent benefits to the transportation needs of residents of the county that must host the project.

At a time when no existing high-speed rail projects have demonstrated a reasonable return on investment, and when there are so many competing needs for transportation alternatives, and so many alternate technologies in development, the State of Maryland should be spending transportation funds to repair and restore roads, and to install safety features, like stoplights at dangerous intersections, especially the intersection of Rt. 197 and Snowden Pond Rd.

Thank you,
Monica G. Kapps
11505 Snowden Pond Rd
Montpelier, MD 20708

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HOA Communications

The source for all official HOA communications is through the U.S. Post Office from Sentry Management Company. For convenience, a member volunteer maintains this website with links to the Sentry Resident Portal and the unofficial Snowden Pond Facebook and Twitter accounts. Residents are encouraged to share photos and tweets with the understanding that privacy is not guaranteed when using the unofficial communication channels.